Family Update for the Week of September 5th

Posted on Monday / September 5

Happy Labor Day! This holiday honors and celebrates the importance of our laborers and the contributions they make every day to keep our world moving forward. Thank you a million times over for everything you do!

Our family communication commitment is to make information easily accessible and accurate.  All DPAC families will receive this Family Update to kick off each week outlining important information needed for the next 7 days. Beginning on Friday, September 9th you will receive an academic progress report each Friday summarizing attendance, academics, and behavior for that week. We promise to only share relevant articles and make it clear which items require your response.  If families are asked to respond, you will see it labeled with “Action Item” in the article title.  This week we continue efforts to have every family sign the Family Handbook and Photo Release, we have important policy updates about no re-entry to campus for scholars at dismissal, an update on high school soccer, and more! Please click on the article title below to jump ahead to that article.

Action Items for Every Family:  Photo Release & Family Handbook
This Week’s Events: Diagnostic Testing & HS Soccer Meeting
Policy Updates: Arrival/Dismissal, No Re-entry After School, & Uniforms
Resources for Families: Support for Those Facing Homelessness
Save the Date: Open House Sep 21 – Meet Your Teachers
Public Notices: Safety Procedures Updated

Action Items for Every Family

Family Handbook

We ask that every DPAC family follow THIS LINK to the 2022/2023 DPAC Family Handbook. Every family should fill out the brief Google Form recognizing you have received a copy.  The Family Handbook and the Google Signature Form can be found by following THIS LINK

Photo/Video Release

Please take a moment to fill out this two question media release form. We are excited to share the many great things happening on campus, and by filling out this form it allows us to share some amazing highlight videos and photos with you all!  Most recently we created an amazing “First Day of School” highlight real and hope to share it with you soon! If you want to see these great photos and videos please fill out the media release form here, thank you!

This Week’s Events 

MAP Diagnostic Testing K-8

We have MAP, iReady, and Reading Fluency testing occurring over the next two weeks. ​​These diagnostic tests are critical because they measure your child’s growth in essential skills. If a scholar needs help, we know precisely what skills on which to focus. Because we test in the fall, winter, and spring, we have a picture of a student’s progress during that year in each of the goal areas. We would appreciate your support in ensuring that scholars arrive by 7:15 AM with enough time to eat breakfast and before being considered tardy at 7:30 AM.

High School Soccer Team Meeting

Monday, September 12th. 3:30 – 4:30pm: All families interested in learning more about the 2022/2023 High School Soccer Program is invited to attend this informational meeting.  See the new DPAC uniforms, learn about league opportunities, and expectations of scholars.  Questions? Please contact Coach Gonzalez via email at

Policy Updates

Arrival & Dismissal – Be RESPECTFUL

Respect others time. Ensure you are quick to drop off your scholars.  Do not exit your vehicle, if you need extended time you are welcome to park in an available spot and help your scholar exit the vehicle.

Respect that children are present.  The music we listen to and the language we use as adults should be appropriate for all ages when on school property.

Respect the safety guidelines.  Do not disobey the safety guidelines.  If you disregard the safety of scholars and staff you will lose your privilege of being on campus, including your vehicle’s access to the parking lot for arrival and dismissal.

No Re-Entry to Campus After School

After dismissal at 2:50pm, the South Gate will be closed at 3:00pm and there will be no re-entry permitted to campus.  If scholars have practice or after school activities they are to go directly to their scheduled program at dismissal and not exit campus. We recognize some scholars have responsibilities with younger scholars, they are to pick up their siblings from the elementary school and come back through the South gate before 3:00pm.

Uniform Policies

Scholars with dress code infractions will begin to receive phone calls home. Please ensure your scholar has proper uniforms each day upon arrival, including a mask, black belt, shirts tucked in, and proper closed-toed shoes (no crocs or sandals.)  Please follow THIS LINK to read in more detail from the Family Handbook what color shirts and pants are available for each school.

Here is a reminder for Elementary School Uniforms from Elementary School Leader, Ms. Whiteman:

Masks are mandatory and a part of the uniform. Scholars are expected to come to school each with a mask.
1. Light blue or gray polo shirt with DPAC logo (short- or long-sleeved)—shirt neatly tucked into pants
2. Khaki slacks with belt loops, Khaki jumper, Khaki skirt, or Khaki shorts (acceptable year-round)
● Slacks may not have pockets anywhere on the leg (no carpenter or cargo pants).
● Slacks may not have any visible logos.
● Slacks may not be made of jean or corduroy material.
● Slacks may not be too loose or too tight.
● Slacks must be worn at or above the hip line.
● Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
3. With khaki skirts or jumpers, scholars should wear either 1) no tights/stockings with socks of
4. any color OR 2) tights/stockings in one of four colors (navy, black, white, gray)
5. All black belts — no studs, designs, or extra notches.
6. Any color shoes
● Footwear must be flat-soled, close-toe, and close-heel. High heels, open-foot, slippers, sandals, clog-style sandals/Crocs, and boots above the mid-calf are not allowed.
7. Any color socks
8. All navy-blue cardigan with DPAC logo (if desired.); DPAC hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt
9. Undershirts must be solid and one of the following colors: white, navy blue, light blue, black, or
10. Long sleeve undershirts of any color are NOT allowed under short sleeve uniform shirts.
11. All hair colors and designs/shavings are permitted, with the exception of known gang affiliations
or vulgarity.

Resources for Families – Are You Experiencing Homelessness?

DPAC FAMILIES, we’d like to inform you that there is a program that provides support to families facing homelessness. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act allows our school to provide educational support and other resources to families experiencing homelessness. It is important to note that homelessness encompasses several categories including families that lost their housing and are living with other families or relatives due to economic hardship. It also includes families living in a motel, car, park or emergency or transitional shelter.

Please complete THIS SURVEY so we may determine whether or not your family qualifies for educational support and other resources through the McKinney Vento Act.

Save the Date: Open House Wed. September 21st. 

We are excited to open the campus and the classrooms for an Open House on Wednesday, September 21st! This will be an opportunity to meet teachers and see your scholars classrooms. More details to come in the coming weeks.

Public Notices – Safety Procedures Updated

As a part of our regularly scheduled safety procedures, the DPAC Emergency Response Team (ERT) is required to regularly update our Emergency Response Plans and notify the public upon completion.  On Monday, August 29th the ERT met and updated our 2022/2023 policies. These emergency plans are utilized to help train staff, they are shared with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for their training purposes, and are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure scholar safety. Questions? Please contact the ERT through the DPAc email address, Thank you.