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Children growing up in Historic West Las Vegas don’t have access to the same opportunity as their peers in more affluent neighborhoods. They experience the highest rate of food insecurity in Clark County and the second-highest poverty rate in the Las Vegas Valley. Planning for the future can feel futile when today’s needs aren’t met.

But we know, and success stories from across the country show, that a high-quality college prep education opens doors and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Democracy Prep is a national network of successful public charter schools that proves a child’s zip code doesn’t have to determine their outcomes in life. Whether a child is growing up New York City, Baton Rouge, or Las Vegas, they are capable of attending, and graduating from, the college of their choice.

Private funding will support College Success programming, Citizen Leadership opportunities, and Arts and Athletics.

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Our Fundraising Priorities through 2020

College Success

College graduation is a critical goal at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus (DPAC). Throughout a scholar’s K–12 experience, DPAC provides exposure to college options, preparation to improve admissions chances, and promotion requirements tied to college application requirements. To ensure students can gain admission to their best-fit school, DPAC is building a comprehensive pre-college program on par with top college prep programs across the country.

Private funding is needed to support key programs for college success through 2021 including ACT prep, early college, and additional leadership courses, college visits across the country, and mini-Scholarships to ease the transition to college, from costs for bedding to books to a flight home during break.

Citizen Leaders

Through civic engagement and global experiences, scholars embrace the opportunities of our globalized society. Graduation requirements like the Ten Civics Skills (from providing public oral testimony to cause-related marketing) to 40 hours of community service for seniors, and numerous study abroad options, encourage DPAC scholars to explore the world and the ways they will personally change it for the better.

Private funding will support international trips through 2021 so that more than 100 scholars can travel abroad to destinations as far as Rome, Italy, Seoul, South Korea, and Cape Town, South Africa.

Arts and Athletics

Participation in athletics and the arts can spark a scholar’s life-long passion and, more immediately, open doors for college scholarships.

Through the Arts, students are exposed to different cultures and perspectives (and the world’s greatest museums are an important stop on international trips).

Private funding will support arts and athletics through arts exposure and immersion, instrument repair, field trips to local performances, additional team sports to that all DPAC scholars have the opportunity to participate in a competitive sport, and a travel fund for the State-Champion basketball program to travel to local, state, and national tournaments.