Summer Academy After School Programming

Posted on Wednesday / June 3

Summer Academy will run from June 8 through July 30, continuing the use of virtual learning platforms. DPAC scholars entering all grades between Kindergarten and Eighth are eligible to enroll in our after school programs by completing this form. The program schedule is available here and additional details about some of the programs are included below:

Zedu Plus

  • Loving Lit
    • Category: Literature
    • Description: Reading literature is one of the foundational skills that every scholar needs in order to succeed in middle school and beyond. The Loving Lit class will have scholars reading a six chapter short story, answering questions, and developing ideas. Each week scholars will receive a chapter or two to read, multiple choice questions to answer, and a short paragraph to write.  Each lesson is accompanied by a Youtube video that will assist them. Scholars will also get a wonderful chance to have their writing skills checked with personal notes for improvement. AND THE BEST PART? The short story is a SCARY STORY!
    • Platforms: Google Classroom and YouTube
  • RACER Writing
    • Category: Literature
    • Description: One of the most difficult aspects for DPAC scholars to master is the RACER paragraph.  Scholars have to put several different parts together to create a seamless idea.  RACER Writing will help your scholar accomplish that.  Each week they will get two articles to read and then a RACER paragraph to complete.  Each lesson comes with a Youtube video that helps the scholars plan and create the perfect RACER.  After submission, each paragraph will be checked by a teacher and comments and pointers will be given.  This is a great class for those scholars that want to improve the writing skills needed for their middle and high school classes.
    • Platforms: Google Classroom and YouTube
  • Creative Writing (Walker)
    • Category: Literature
    • Description: Students learn structure that helps them express themselves in writing narrative and expository essays. With writing assignments such as “please describe the most disgusting meal that you’ve ever eaten”, this course strengthens students’ ability to write a well structured effective essay. Mini-lessons ensure that students develop informative and creative writing skills so that they come to express complex ideas clearly.
    • Platforms: Google Classroom and Google Sites
  • Sugar & Elite Mentoring (STARS)
    • Category: Human Development
    • Description: The Program’s goal is to reduce the number of teen pregnancies, suicides, and high school dropouts in Southern Nevada by providing Mentoring, Tutoring, Life Skills Workshops and Civic Engagement. The program focuses on increasing the skill sets that are needed to be self-sufficient in today’s society.  This program is dedicated to teaching youth how to set goals and overcome life issues.
    • Platforms: Zoom and Google Classroom
  • ZeduPlus (Zedu)
    • Category: Technology, Applied Technology, Human Development
    • Description: Interactive and engaging LIVE sessions every day from Monday – Thursday with engaging and interactive STEAM curriculum that will keep the participants in the loop of reading 11 interactive books that will improve their reading, literacy, and vocabulary. In contrast, participants will be engaged in interactive exercises in science, math, coding, and typing.
    • Platform: Zoom
  • Sound Steps Rhythm Dance
    • Category: Arts
    • Sound Steps Rhythm Dance Company is An All-Around Rhythm Dance Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization that provides events, performances, and resources for the dance community!  Our mission is to produce, educate, and perform the history of rhythm dance for the youth. Our main style of dance is tap, but we are affiliated with the community of rhythm dance to include, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Clog, Irish, Body Percussion and More!
    • Platform: Zoom