Mask Requirements and School Uniform Follow Up

Posted on Tuesday / September 21
We are now a month and a half into the 2021-22 school year. We are able to continue moving forward with traditional, on campus learning because of our safety measures, specifically the wearing of properly fitting masks. A properly fitting mask is worn above the nose and is worn at all times. The only exceptions are when eating or drinking.
Families, please ensure that your scholar arrives on campus with a properly fitting face mask every day. Scholars, please wear your mask over your nose and wear it consistently.
Another part of traditional, on campus learning is the school uniform. DPAC’s uniform policy is designed to support school culture by promoting a sense of community, belonging, and school pride. This is cultivated when our scholars follow the uniform policy every day unless a notice is sent home giving different directions.
Please note that if the scholar is not complying with the uniform policy we will call home for the parent/guardian to bring a uniform.
Shirts: DPAC Elementary
  • Polo shirt can be light blue or grey with DPAC crest except for PE daysPolo shirts can be short- or long-sleeved
Shirts: DPAC Middle
  • Polo shirt can be navy blue or white with DPAC crest except for PE daysPolo shirts can be short- or long-sleeved
Shirts: DPAC High
  • Scholars must wear a button-down shirt & tieA button-down shirt can be light blue or white with DPAC crest Button-down shirts can be short- or long-sleeved
Bottoms: All grades
  • Scholars can wear slacks, shorts, skirts, or jumpers
  • Bottoms can be tan, navy blue, or grey
  • Scholars in Grades 3-12 who wear pants must wear a belt
  • All other pant requirements from the current handbook remain in effect
PE Uniform: All-Campus
  • Scholars must wear grey shorts or sweatpants (no DPAC logo required)
  • Scholars must wear DPAC PE shirt (logo required)
  • Scholars MUST wear rubber-soled shoes on PE days (gym floor can be harmed if non-rubber soled shoes are worn)
Note: if you have any items on backorder from our uniform vendor, please contact them at or by phone at 702-360-0555. There are more than 40 orders waiting to be picked up.