DPACSS Distance Learning Attendance

Posted on Tuesday / March 24

With the move to distance learning, policies around attendance tracking have been adjusted. In addition to the graded work assigned, scholars must log on to DPAC distance learning tools every school day and log off at the end of every school day to be marked as Present. Attendance will be marked as Present each day if any one of these scenarios take place:

  • Scholars log in to GSuite on a browser (any browser, including any Chromebook),
  • Scholars log in via a Clever Badge,
  • Scholars log in directly to Google Classroom, or
  • Scholars log in to their @scholar.democracyprep.org email address

Remember, the scholar must log off at the end of each school day when they have completed their work for the day and log in at the beginning of the next day in order to be counted as present.