Ahmaud Arbery, Racial Justice, and Youth Engagement: A Community Discussion

Posted on Monday / May 18

Join this virtual panel discussion by following the Zoom link below:
Zoom meeting ID: 826 8002 9753

Nearly three months have passed since Ahmaud Arbery was murdered while jogging through a predominantly white neighborhood in Georgia. His killers were only recently arrested after a video of the shooting became public.

We may not be with our students in person, but we can still give them an opportunity to collectively process this incident.

Democracy Prep Public Schools invites you to join us for a virtual community conversation where our panelists will explore the implications of #livingwhileblack in America, how young people can advocate for racial justice, and how communities can remain hopeful and feel empowered in this time.

Do you have a question you’d like the panelists to answer? If so, send your ideas to rduroseau@democracyprep.org. We will also reserve the last 20 minutes for a Q & A session with our panelists!